Glenn Cornick, Original Jethro Tull Bassist, Dead at 67

Glenn Cornick, the original bassist for Jethro Tull, passed away August 29 at his home in Hilo, Hawaii. He was 67. Billboard reports that Cornick died of congestive heart failure and had been receiving hospice care recently. Cornick was a founding member of Jethro Tull, appearing on their first three albums……

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Greed may be good on Wall Street, but it certainly wasn’t in Ancient Rome. Roman tribune Gaius Gracchus was, first and foremost, a social warrior. The changes he made in office turned him into a belo

Greed may be good on Wall Street, but it certainly wasn’t in Ancient Rome. Roman tribune Gaius Gracchus was, first and foremost, a social warrior. The changes he made in office turned him into a belo

Greed may be good on Wall Street, but it certainly wasn’t in Ancient Rome.

Roman tribune Gaius Gracchus was, first and foremost, a social warrior. The changes he made in office turned him into a beloved celebrity among many Roman citizens. However, it also landed him in hot water with fellow politicians.

During a day of extreme political unrest, a feud broke out between Gracchus’ supporters and the supporters of one of his opponents, senator Lucius Opimius. The scuffle left Quintus Antyllius, one of Opimius’ attendants, dead.

Opimius used his attendant’s death as a way to demonize Gracchus. With the Senate’s blessing, Opimius demanded that Gracchus turn himself over for trial. There would be no negotiations.

In response, Gracchus ran away and, with help from his slave, committed suicide at a sacred grove.

Opimius put out a reward for Gracchus’ head, announcing that whoever retrieved it would receive its weight in gold. Soon, his head was discovered and brought to the Senate by a man named Septimuleius.

However, when Opimius weighed his former opponent’s head, it measured in at over seventeen pounds. After some investigation, it was discovered that Septimuleius removed Gracchus’ brain and filled his head with molten lead.

For his dishonesty, Septimuleius received no reward. Instead of removing someone else’s brain, perhaps he should have used his own.


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California Plastic Bag Ban Would Be First Of Its Kind In The Nation

By Aaron Mendelson

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Aug 30 (Reuters) – The California state legislature enacted a ban on plastic grocery bags on Friday near the end of its two-year session, a measure that if signed into law would become the first of its kind in America.

A number of cities and counties in California and other U.S. states, including Hawaii’s Maui County, have made it illegal for grocery stores to pack purchases in plastic. But at the state level, opposition from plastic bag makers has usually prevailed.

The California Senate voted 22-15 for the bill, which must be signed into law by Sept. 30 by Democratic Governor Jerry Brown, who has not signaled a position on the measure.

“Single-use plastic bags not only litter our beaches, but also our mountains, our deserts, and our rivers, streams and lakes,” said state Senator Alex Padilla, who sponsored the bill.

Padilla backed a similar measure last year but it failed by three votes. The fate of this bill was uncertain until the waning hours of the session after falling three votes short in the state’s Assembly on Monday.

But after picking up the support of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, the bill passed a second vote in the Assembly.

The measure would ban grocery stores from handing out single-use grocery bags with customers’ purchases, and provide money to local plastic bag companies to retool to make heavier, multiple-use bags that customers could buy.

Environmentalists have pushed for banning plastic bags, which are cheaper for supermarkets to use than paper bags, but create mountains of trash that is difficult to recycle. In California, there is particular concern that the bags, when swept out to sea, could harm ocean life.

After the defeat of his earlier bill, Padilla won the support of some California-based bag makers by including the funding for retooling. But in recent months, out-of-state manufacturers campaigned against the bill, even producing television advertisements targeting Padilla, who is running for secretary of state.

Cathy Browne, general manager at Crown Poly, a plastic bag manufacturer in Huntington Park, California, said the bill would lead to layoffs at companies like hers.

More than 10 billion plastic bags are used in California each year, according to an estimate by Californians Against Waste, an advocacy group supporting the bill. (Writing by Eric M. Johnson; Editing by Sharon Bernstein and Mark Heinrich)

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Watch the New Trailer for Nas’ ‘Time Is Illmatic’ Documentary

Earlier this year, Nas celebrated the 20th anniversary of his groundbreaking debut LP Illmatic with a double-disc reissue and a documentary titled Nas: Time Is Illmatic that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival back in April. With the movie about to travel nationwide starting October 2nd thanks to Nas’ Time Is Illmatic tour,……

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There is a legitimately made beer named ‘Fucking Hell’. How did they get away with this?

There is a legitimately made beer named ‘Fucking Hell’. How did they get away with this?

Freedom of speech is generally granted in most modern nations, but there are always certain restrictions such as yelling "fire" in a crowded place.

Free speech doesn’t completely apply to names of goods, as there are some restrictions on this (for good reason).

Despite this, you’d still be able to order a pint of Fucking Hell, a German Pilsner or pale lager brewed by the Waldhaus Brewery located in the Black Forest. How could they get away with this name?

The beverage is named after the village of Fucking in Austria, and hell is the german word for "pale" and is typically used to describe this kind of beer. Because of this, it’s a completely legal name, though that didn’t stop people from objecting to it.

Both the local authorities in Fucking and the European Union’s Trade Marks and Designs Registration Office initially objected to the name. The Mayor of Fucking was against it as it wasn’t going to be brewed in Fucking.

The trademark was initially denied, but after the founders argued their case, it was granted. These two also claim that they intend to use the brand name to produce Fucking Hell branded food and clothing, so look for it in a store near you!


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These Retired Research Chimps Are Really Enjoying Their New Home

Meet Mason. He’s only 5, but already, he seems to be quite the “ladies’ man.”

“He likes to play with the other girls,” Mark Lewis, an animal care specialist at Chimp Haven, a Keithville, Louisiana, chimpanzee sanctuary where Mason now lives, said per the Humane Society. “And he likes to follow some of the older females around.”


Things haven’t always been so rosy for Mason, a former research chimp. His old home was the New Iberia Research Center in Louisiana, an animal research facility where some animals were allegedly subjected to abusive treatment, ABC News reported in 2009.

Two years ago, Mason, together with 109 of the lab’s other chimpanzees, were retired by the National Institutes of Health, and since then, animal welfare activists have been working hard to get them all to Chimp Haven.

This summer, thanks in part to a fundraising campaign that raised millions of dollars, that goal was finally realized. According to the Humane Society, this is the largest group of government-owned chimpanzees ever sent to sanctuary.

Now that Mason and the 109 other retired chimps have settled in to their new digs at Chimp Haven, they’re clearly making the most of their golden years. But don’t trust us; scroll down to see just what the animals have been up to.

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Iceland’s Latest Volcanic Eruption Has Airlines Nervous. Here’s Why. (INFOGRAPHIC)

Iceland, home to one of the largest glaciers in Europe and a multitude of volcanoes, made headlines this week following news of a small eruption in the Bárðarbunga (or Bardarbunga) volcanic system.

At 118 miles long and 15 miles wide, Bardarbunga is Iceland’s largest volcanic system, so an eruption could have profound implications for air travel in the region, particularly if the volcano emits a large ash cloud.

The land of fire and ice, it seems, is no place for jet engines.

For instance, when Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted in 2010, the resulting ash plume grounded more than 100,000 flights in what the BBC reports was the largest closure of European airspace since World War II.

In an email to The Huffington Post on Friday, an FAA spokesperson said there haven’t been any flight diversions as a result of the current eruption. And given the $1.7 billion in revenue carriers lost when the volcano grounded airplanes in 2010, Bloomberg reported, airlines are likely eager to keep it that way.

So why don’t volcanoes and air travel mix? In two words: engine failure.

According to the United States Geological Survey, extreme heat — like that emitted from a jet engine — melts ash into a glass. That glass stops up fuel nozzles, the combustor and the turbine, which can quickly lead to a stalled engine.

In addition, volcanic ash abrades any forward-facing surfaces on an airplane, including the cockpit windows and leading edges of the wings. “Cockpit windows may become so abraded and scratched,” the USGS reported, “that pilots have extreme difficulty seeing the runway on which to land the plane.”

See the below infographic for more on how volcanic activity affects airplanes and air travel:

Infographic by Jan Diehm for The Huffington Post.

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Flat glass is made by melting glass on top of a pool of molten metal!

Flat glass is made by melting glass on top of a pool of molten metal!

Float glass is a sheet of glass made by floating molten glass on a bed of molten metal, typically tin, although lead and various low melting point alloys were used in the past. This method gives the sheet uniform thickness and very flat surfaces.

Modern windows are made from float glass. Most float glass is soda-lime glass, but relatively minor quantities of specialty borosilicate and flat panel display glass are also produced using the float glass process.

The float glass process is also known as the Pilkington process, named after the British glass manufacturer Pilkington, which pioneered the technique in the 1950s.

Float glass uses common glass-making raw materials, typically consisting of sand, soda ash, dolomite, limestone, and salt cake.

If you’d like to know more, make sure you check the video in the source link.


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In WWII, Nazis kidnapped and Germanized thousands of Polish children they deemed racially superior!

In WWII, Nazis kidnapped and Germanized thousands of Polish children they deemed racially superior!

It seems that Nazi kidnappings didn’t always end at concentration camps.

Most people know the tragic history behind the Holocaust, during which Germany’s Nazi party, under the rule of dictator Adolf Hitler, rounded up and killed millions of Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, communists, homosexuals, and other individuals they deemed "inferior".

However, not as many people know about another major kidnapping operation performed under Hitler’s supervision.

Hitler and his party were obsessed with Aryanism, a set of racial traits deemed by them to be superior. These traits were generally possessed by German and Nordic people. When Hitler spoke of creating a "Master Race", he referred to wiping out every individual that did not have Aryan traits.

In addition to his mass-murdering tendencies, when Hitler found individuals with Aryan traits, he was interested in making them part of his new German kingdom, often referred to as the Third Reich. And, apparently, many Swedish children did have these traits.

Therefore, under Hitler’s direction, many Polish children were kidnapped and localized into the German population.

Even more heartbreaking, only 10 to 15% were returned home after WWII ended, with children 10 and under often not remembering their Polish childhoods.


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The Power Rangers is Basically Recycled Footage Of An Almost 40 Year Old Japanese Show.

The Power Rangers is Basically Recycled Footage Of An Almost 40 Year Old Japanese Show.

Unless you’re a big big Power Rangers fan, you probably didn’t know this one.

The Power Rangers are actually a Japanese import from a long running series called Super Sentai. The basic premise is the same: a team of (almost always) 5 people are chosen to magically transform into super warriors to fight evil.

Have you ever noticed that the fight scenes when the rangers transformed, and all the Zord scenes always looked completely different than when you were able to see the rangers’ faces? That’s because the show basically reused footage from the Japanese show.

If you’re reading this, the Power Rangers probably defined your childhood in the 90s. You’ll be surprised to learn that Super Sentai series has actually been around 1975. In fact, that recycled footage I just talked about? That was from the SIXTEENTH season of the Super Sentai series.

Yes, there were 16th seasons of Japanese Power Rangers before they became famous in America.

When the first season of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers was a success, the American producers asked the Japanese production company to please shoot more fighting scenes so they could make more episodes of the MMPR show. However, that was all they did.

After that, the Western production simply rebooted the show every time a new Japanese series started. That’s why the early Power Rangers changed costumes so often and that’s also why nowadays, they just start a new series every year.


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