Why museums are returning cultural treasures | Chip Colwell

Archaeologist and curator Chip Colwell collects artifacts for his museum, but he also returns them to where they came from. In a thought-provoking talk, he shares how some museums are confronting their legacies of stealing spiritual objects and pillaging ancient graves — and how they’re bridging divides with communities who are demanding the return of their cultural treasures.

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How we could teach our bodies to heal faster | Kaitlyn Sadtler

What if we could help our bodies heal faster and without scars, like Wolverine in X-Men? TED Fellow Kaitlyn Sadtler is working to make this dream a reality by developing new biomaterials that could change how our immune system responds to injuries. In this quick talk, she shows the different ways these products could help the body regenerate.

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What is Project Treble? The Android upgrade fix explained

It’s tough to talk about Project Treble without getting lost in a forest of technical gobbledygook.

And it’s no wonder: Project Treble (take a deep breath) is Google’s ambitious effort to rearchitect Android in order to establish a modular base in which the lower-level code created by silicon vendors is separated from the main Android operating system framework so that device manufacturers can update the OS code without having to rely on silicon vendors to refresh the lower-level code for every release.

Whew! See what I mean?

In reality, though, Project Treble doesn’t have to be so complicated. Let’s break down what Treble is actually all about, in real-world terms — and what it actually means for you, as someone who uses Android and doesn’t necessarily speak the language of mumbo-jumbo.

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Mastercard, Microsoft partner on B2B fintech network that could save billions

Mastercard has launched a new global B2B network built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud service that aims to reduce inefficiencies and inaccuracies in verifying supply chain providers and create a near real-time electronic payment system.

Mastercard Track is a global trade platform for the procure-to-pay-process, which today can be a highly manual effort. The B2B network enables banks, insurance companies and tech providers to streamline services to business customers, such as enhanced data analytics and trade finance.

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Why the hospital of the future will be your own home | Niels van Namen

Nobody likes going to the hospital, whether it’s because of the logistical challenges of getting there, the astronomical costs of procedures and the alarming risks of complications like antibiotic-resistant bacteria. But what if we could get the lifesaving care provided by hospitals in our own homes? Health care futurist Niels van Namen shows how advances in technology are making home care a cheaper, safer and more accessible alternative to hospital stays.

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This small iOS 12 feature is the birth of a whole industry

Imagine if you had a low-weight imaging format you could use to transmit a huge quantity of data about an object, like an image that included height, weight, depth data.

That’s exactly what iOS 12’s clever USDZ imaging format provides, and it’s a building block for far more powerful AR experiences in future.

To succeed, AR needs standards

I spoke with Louis Jonckheere, Chief Product Officer at Showpad to learn his thoughts on this

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5 handy hidden features in the Gmail Android app

Let’s face it: Between the pending death of Inbox and the days-away demise of Newton Mail, a whole bunch of us are gonna be making our way back to Gmail before long. And that means we’ve got a lot of begrudging adjustment ahead.

The Gmail Android app isn’t awful to use, mind you, but it can be a bit of a shock to the system when you’ve grown accustomed to something different. Whether you’re returning to Gmail for the first time in ages or you’ve been living with it all along, though, Google’s soon-to-be-only email app has some nice touches you’ve probably never noticed — easily overlooked features that can make your mobile email experience a little more pleasant.

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Why we choke under pressure — and how to avoid it | Sian Leah Beilock

When the pressure is on, why do we sometimes fail to live up to our potential? Cognitive scientist and Barnard College president Sian Leah Beilock reveals what happens in your brain and body when you choke in stressful situations, sharing psychological tools that can help you perform at your best when it matters most.

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9+ iOS 12 security improvements you should know about

Apple has shipped iOS 12 and it’s packed with new security improvements and settings every user needs to know about.

Ad tracking

Apple has made it much harder for data harvesting companies to exfiltrate your data without you knowing.

Safari in iOS 11 blocked third-party cookies that tracked you across multiple websites and cookies older than 30-days in age.

iOS 12 also gives you the option to block social media sharing icons and comment boxes from tracking you. Apple has also made it much harder for fingerprinting technologies to track and identify you by gathering information about your device, such as capacity or installed apps.

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