Why you should love gross science | Anna Rothschild

What can we learn from the slimy, smelly side of life? In this playful talk, science journalist Anna Rothschild shows us the hidden wisdom of “gross stuff” and explains why avoiding the creepy underbelly of nature, medicine and technology closes us off to important sources of knowledge about our health and the world. “When we explore the gross side of life, we find insights that we never would have thought we’d find, and we even often reveal beauty that we didn’t think was there,” Rothschild says.

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Making sense of Google’s podcast flip-flop

I’m no psychologist, but I’m pretty sure Google has an issue with commitment.

The company famous for flip-flops has just reversed course yet again with the introduction of a new podcast app for Android. Google Podcasts, announced earlier this week, marks the company’s second standalone stab at an Android podcasting service. (It also marks the launch of yet another instance of awkwardly overlapping Google services, since podcasts are currently available, too, in the wholly separate Bizarro World of Google Play Music — but that’s another story for another time.)

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How Netflix changed entertainment — and where it’s headed | Reed Hastings

Netflix changed the world of entertainment — first with DVD-by-mail, then with streaming media and then again with sensational original shows like “Orange Is the New Black” and “Stranger Things” — but not without taking its fair share of risks. In conversation with TED curator Chris Anderson, Netflix co-founder and CEO Reed Hastings discusses the company’s bold internal culture, the powerful algorithm that fuels their recommendations, the $8 billion worth of original content they’re planning to produce this coming year and his philanthropic pursuits supporting innovative education, among much more.

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How Apple plans to tweak device management this year

Though it didn’t make the WWDC keynote, Apple did get unveil some changes to the device management features used by business and schools for iPhones, iPads, Macs, and even Apple TVs. Those tweaks and updates were discussed at a developer session that took place earlier this month, and they highlight areas IT admins should be focusing on now before the arrival of iOS 12 and macOS Mojave this fall.

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With cashier-less checkout, retailers should be careful what they wish for

As the battle for cashier-less stores rages on — with Amazon Go’s one-store trial pushing Microsoft and Walmart to explore a mobile cart-based system to ditch associates at checkout — it’s worth questioning whether an employee-less checkout system is something that retailers should truly want. Fully cashier-less efforts should fall into the “be careful what you wish for” category.

The challengers for cashier-less checkout are not solely technological, although the tech hurdles are substantial. Anyone remember JCPenney’s failed effort to fuel cashier-less checkout via RFID?

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How we can bring mental health support to refugees | Essam Daod

The global refugee crisis is a mental health catastrophe, leaving millions in need of psychological support to overcome the traumas of dislocation and conflict. To undo the damage, child psychiatrist and TED Fellow Essam Daod has been working in camps, rescue boats and the shorelines of Greece and the Mediterranean Sea to help refugees (a quarter of which are children) reframe their experiences through short, powerful psychological interventions. “We can all do something to prevent this mental health catastrophe,” Daod says. “We need to acknowledge that first aid is not just needed for the body, but it has also to include the mind, the soul.”

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Apple ‘raised the bar’ for enterprise IT

If you can determine the vitality of a platform within a sector by the activity it generates, then the appearance of new Apple in the enterprise-focused start-up, Fleetsmith, speaks volumes. I caught up with Zack Blum, CEO and co-founder to see why he thinks the enterprise is Apple’s space today.

Apple ‘raised the bar’ for enterprise IT

Apple’s place in the enterprise is an iPhone success story, he observes:

“In many ways, Apple formalized and standardized the introduction of mobile to the enterprise, going all the way back to the iPhone’s introduction in 2007, and the iPad, which debuted in 2010,” he said.

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Android’s sharing system is morphing into an unpredictable mess

When it comes to technology, it’s often the smallest details that make the biggest impact.

Sure, splashy elements like Android’s split-screen mode and notification channels made for great new-release bullet points when they came along (in Android 7.0, Nougat and Android 8.0, Oreo, respectively) — but let’s be honest: How often does either actually affect your day-to-day life? If you’re like the vast majority of Android phone-owners, the answer is probably “pretty darn rarely.”

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Technology that knows what you’re feeling | Poppy Crum

What happens when technology knows more about us than we do? Poppy Crum studies how we express emotions — and she suggests the end of the poker face is near, as new tech makes it easy to see the signals that give away how we’re feeling. In a talk and demo, she shows how “empathetic technology” can read physical signals like body temperature and the chemical composition of our breath to inform on our emotional state. For better or for worse. “If we recognize the power of becoming technological empaths, we get this opportunity where technology can help us bridge the emotional and cognitive divide,” Crum says.

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Deloitte: Apple’s Health Records an ‘inflection point’ for healthcare

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