Flashback: Watch Carrie Underwood Kiss a Young Fan

“Lip to lip,” the 12-year-old fan instructed country superstar Carrie Underwood in Louisville, Kentucky. It was during the 2012 Blown Away Tour when Underwood lived up to the tour’s title by giving an onstage smooch to young fan Chase Kurnick.

 The lucky boy was spotted in the front row holding a sign that read, “Carrie, Be My First Kiss.” The generous star decided to make Kurnick’s dreams come true and invited him up for a quick peck. Needless to say, the audience went wild.

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After admitting that her first kiss was at the age of……

from RollingStone.com: News http://ift.tt/1r6PfYe
via RollingStone


9 thoughts on “Flashback: Watch Carrie Underwood Kiss a Young Fan”

  1. Wow! More power to you, Chase. In order to kiss on the lips, they have to get married. Take Patrick Sondheimer, for instance. Patrick kissed his wife on the lips, and he was a hero!

  2. This is nothing new, it is like a young boy of 12, that is Michael Jackson, same age as Chase Kurnick’s, met Alan W. Kohan, a music person.

  3. So does Jack Reginald Beaton. He kisses his wife Laurie on the lips and it is proper. He has touching last words, “I love you, Laurie.” He had been married since Palau broke away from Uncle Sam!

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