Over the past 8 years at least 660 million sharks have been slaughtered.

Join me for another SOS segment as I shine the light on just how out of control the annihilation of sharks in our oceans has become.

That’s enough to fill the entire 103-story Empire State Building with dead shark bodies 18 times, or, one building every 20 days, each year. That means at least 90 percent of sharks globally were poached in all oceans.

Completed in 1931 in Midtown, Manhattan this limestone beauty of a building was the world’s tallest for almost 40 years. With a roof height of 1,250 feet it’s a very impressive tall structure. Photo credit: wikipedia.com

It is infuriating that the Australian federal government is refusing to protect three species of Thresher sharks and two species of Hammerhead sharks listed last November as protected species by the United Nations.

When humans brutally kill sharks for their fins (finning them alive and throwing them back into the sea) food webs unravel. Currently, we are knowingly impoverishing all oceans. Photo credit: underwatermodel.info

Sharks are “Doctors of the Sea” (aptly named by my colleague Jeff Hansen, managing director of Sea Shepherd Australia). They keep populations of their prey fit by culling the old, weak and sick. Sharks prevent diseases from becoming epidemics.

An area of coral much larger than the size of England is dead along the Great Barrier Reef. And yet the current Australian Liberal government refuses to put in place noise restrictions to protect the ailing crown jewel of the Seven Wonders of the World — The Great Barrier Reef. Photo credit: livescience.com

The current fossil fuel-promoting Australian federal government has an abysmal ocean conservation record.

Imagine if 90 percent of all medical doctors in Australia or America died. Our respective economies would immediately grind to a halt. And our societies would collapse overnight.

It’s time to protect sharks not promote plundering them!

Tens of thousands of Australians are demanding the protection of sharks around the continent. Photo credit: dailytelegraph.com.au

Please support Sea Shepherd Australia and the No Shark Cull Rally because they are protecting the “Doctors of the Sea” — sharks.

Join Earth Dr Reese Halter on his crusade to protect nature by watching Earth Calling SOS. His latest book is Shepherding the Sea: The Race to Save our Oceans.

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