IDG Contributor Network: Campaign Monitor acquires to move further into the world of CRM

Campaign Monitor is an email marketing and automation software vendor that not only powers email for around 200,00 companies globally but, more importantly (from my perspective) powers my own email newsletter (shameless plug: you really should go and subscribe here, it’s good!). Apart from this author’s newsletters, other high-profile organizations such as Adidas, BuzzFeed, Chandon, Rip Curl, the San Diego Chargers, Topshop, Sephora, Vice Media and Virgin use the platform for their own newsletter needs.

But email is rapidly becoming a commoditized space and Campaign Monitor, along with its competitors, is in a mad race to innovate around the periphery of email. A good indication of this comes today with the news that Campaign Monitor has acquired Tagga, a marketing CRM offering. Tagga offers a customer data platform that marketers use to inform and fuel their engagements with customers and prospects.

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from Computerworld Cloud Computing


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