Uber hits the breaks on self-driving car tests after a crash

What does a company dealing with controversy want most? Not more problems, that is for sure.

Unfortunately, that is exactly what Uber just got, after one of its self-driving cars was involved in a crash. But what happened, and what does this mean for the company’s longterm plans?

In IT Blogwatch, we find out what Uber has in common with Herbie.

So what is going on? Marisa Kendell has some background:

Uber is pulling its self-driving cars from the road following a…crash involving one of its vehicles in Tempe, Arizona on Friday.

Cars in Pittsburgh and San Francisco were out of service Saturday and Sunday…the company…had no set date for their return. Uber immediately stopped its self-driving car program in Arizona after the crash…its fleet there [will] remain off the roads while the company continues its investigation into the accident.

A crash? What happened? Abhimanyu Ghoshal has the details:

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