Facebook copies Snapchat Stories (again)– but why?

Facebook has gotten really good at copying Snapchat.

So good, in fact, that it is doing it again, adding a Stories-like feature into yet another of its apps. But why does Facebook keep doing this, and what does it mean for users?

In IT Blogwatch, we share our story. 

So what is going on? Elyse Betters shares some background:

Facebook, which once tried to buy Snapchat, has been heavily copying the app in order to appease a younger, more mobile audience…the most recent update to the Facebook app is…another example.

Facebook has launched Facebook Stories. It…adds three new features: an effects-filled camera…a spot for disappearing stories; and a way to share media straight from your camera. So…once and for all…Facebook just became Snapchat.

But hasn’t Facebook copied Stories already? Yes, and yes. Alex Heath explains:

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