15 Apple Watch tricks you’ll want to use

The phrase, “Hidden in plain sight” has become a cliché, but the one thing people always forget is that clichés are only clichés because they happen a lot. Apple Watch tips are no exception. How can a device you wear on your wrist have so many hidden features? Here are a few more you may not have seen before:

Quiet light

In a meeting, want to know the time, but don’t want to seem too rude by raising the Watch to your face? Why not gently turn the Digital Crown, which will gently illuminate the watch face so you can glimpse the time surreptitiously?

The call feature everyone neglects

Receiving a call but don’t want to take it on your Watch? When the call notification appears on your Apple Watch screen just turn the digital crown a little so that you see the lower part of the notification screen. Tap Answer on iPhone and Siri will tell the caller to wait while you retrieve your smartphone. (From here).

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