WWDC 2017: An enterprise perspective on Apple’s iOS 11

Apple’s iOS 11 will bring a range of improvements to iOS-using enterprises. Big iPad improvements and ARKit have multiple implications,  but I’ve looked at some of the many other iOS 11 enhancements enterprises may enjoy, rather than  focus on those.

The 32-bit problem

Enterprise chiefs must now take steps to ensure their existing iOS apps are 64-bit, as Apple will terminate support for 32-bit apps in iOS 11. The company has been warning of this plan since 2016, and it hits with iOS 11, when 32-bit apps will no longer launch. Take stock of your existing iOS app deployments now to ensure critical software isn’t impacted by the change. On its side, Apple has planned for this and most existing kit should work fine with iOS 11, though the iPhone 5 and 5c and older and iPad 4 and older will not be supported. (List of supported devices). Apple plans to end support for 32-bit apps on Macs in 2018.

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