Facial recognition in the new iPhone would make huge waves

With several sources that traditionally have been reliable about such things reporting that Apple is preparing to abandon the fingerprint biometric authentication that it’s been using for five years in favor of 3D facial recognition coupled with iris scans, the mobile industry is preparing for authentication upheaval.

The most likely scenario is that Apple will include this new biometric approach on perhaps one model of the new iPhones, with the others continuing to use Touch ID.

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The driver for this move, according to analysts tracking the company, is a desire to free up space on the phone to allow for a larger screen in a similarly sized device. Keeping the phone pocket-sized means that phones simply can’t get much larger than the current iPhone 7 Plus. (Yes, you scoffers out there. The iPhone 7 Plus—at 6.23 inches tall, 3.07 inches wide and 0.29 inches deep—does fit in my deepest pockets, but just barely. Fits into suit jackets, too, but, again, just barely.)

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