How I Use Android: Google Photos Manager Indy Khare

Sure, your phone is a finely tuned productivity tool — but it’s also a powerful personal computer that’s practically always in your pocket. No matter how business-ready your mobile device may be, you’re bound to take advantage of Android’s non-work-related functions from time to time, too.

In other words: You’re human. And like most other humans on Earth in 2017, you probably take the occasional one to 1,000 photos with your phone (it’s okay; I swear I won’t tell your boss).

For we hominids who use our smartphones as both business and personal appliances, Google Photos is a fantastic and familiar way to store, share, and manage all of the images in our dual-purpose lives. That’s why I thought it’d be interesting to see how one of the fellas who develops and manages such an indispensable app uses Android in his own day-to-day existence.

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from Computerworld Mobile


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