11 Things You Learn After Spending A Week With Neil Patrick Harris

Sadly Neil Patrick Harris didn’t show up for his Rolling Stone interviews tripping on mushrooms Harold and Kumar-style But senior writer Brian Hiatt’s interviews with NPH conducted just before opening night of the actor’s Tony-nominated Broadway run on Hedwig and the Angry Inch still had their moments Hiatt followed Harris…

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Man Catches Crazy-Looking Lobster, Unshellfishly Throws It Back (PHOTOS)

No claws for alarm here.

Ben Murdock, a 30-year-old lobsterman and captain of the fishing vessel Arielle Hope, caught this lobster near Monhegan Island, Maine, last week.


Murdock threw the two-toned female crustacean back because she was too short to keep legally, Kyle Murdock, Ben’s little brother and lobster dealer, told HuffPost Weird.

“No matter how rare, a good lobsterman throws back an illegal lobster,” Kyle, 25, said.

Diane Cowan, executive director of the Lobster Conservancy in Friendship, Maine, said it’s hard to tell exactly how rare the lobster might be.

Last year, the Gulf of Maine Research Institute told the Bangor Daily News that only about one in 50 million lobsters are split-colored, but Cowan told HuffPost that number is “pure guesswork.”

Plus, Murdock’s catch isn’t even totally split symmetrically. While from the bottom, Cowan said the lobster appeared to be a bilateral colormorph — meaning it has two colors evenly split down the middle — the coloring on the lobster’s dorsal side is too blotchy to be considered truly bilateral.

top lobster

She said there’s no special name for a lobster with this sort of pattern, but she called it “kind of a mosaic composite.”

It’s OK, lobster. We love you anyway.

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Climate Assessment Calls for Greenpeace Energy [R]evolution


Last week the Obama administration released the National Climate Assessment report. As the report shows, climate impacts are happening now – whether it’s constant extreme weather alerts, droughts and wildfires in the West, or hurricane superstorms, or the melting Arctic leading to an extremely snowy winter in the South. But climate denialism continues to grip leaders in the Congress, some of whom seem to do everything in their power to defend climate polluters and fend off the transition away from fossil fuels.

Fortunately, the American Energy [R]evolution is happening whether the Koch brothers like it or not.

In a Senate briefing May 12, Greenpeace released the Energy [R]evolution: Sustainable USA Energy Outlook. The E[R] aims to wean the economy off dirty fuels as thoroughly and quickly as possible, and in a way that is technologically, politically and ecologically realistic. This report is part of a global analysis showing how the international economy can transition to nearly 100 percent renewable energy by 2050, while assuming no new ‘breakthrough technologies.’ In some ways this transition is happening even more quickly than we proposed in previous scenarios, as Chapter four shows.

The driving goal of the E[R] is stopping global climate disruption, which is caused primarily by burning coal, oil and methane gas. But the reasons to modernize our energy system are innumerable. By phasing out fossil fuels and phasing in renewable energy we can achieve the following goals:


That over 90 percent of energy demand comes from burning fossil fuels is a comprehensive economic drain. This antiquated energy system hordes resources for incessant inputs, outputs and undesirable externalities – extraction, transportation, fuel processing, combustion, pollution abatement and waste processing or storage. In a post-recession world, it has become obvious that we have neglected upkeep of infrastructure that is required for the economy to function. Bridges need maintenance, urban sewer systems are corroded, entire cities like Detroit have been abandoned by industry.

The E[R] demonstrates that transitioning to a renewable energy economy can free resources for economic development. It means more and better jobs, greater energy independence, and it is more democratic as citizens attain more control of energy production. Compared with the Energy Information Agency energy outlook, the transition to renewables creates more jobs at every stage of the energy transition, with 34 percent more jobs by 2030.

Even today the United States mines a billion tons of coal each year, most of which is burned at home. Coal has monopolized almost half of U.S. rail capacity, not counting eventual transportation of toxic coal ash which is the second largest waste stream in the country. The electricity sector is the largest user of freshwater, with a fossil-based system using steam turbines, and coal is the worst culprit.

Water impacts are also a dominant concern of oil and gas extraction. Fracking has come to symbolize the wanton abuse by an industry historically unfettered by federal health standards. Parts of the country like West Texas are stricken by historic drought, and sucked even dryer to get at the fuel probably itself an instigator of a phenomenal lack of rain. Meanwhile, re-injecting their fracking wastes has made neighboring Oklahoma the second most earthquake-prone state.

It is incredibly frustrating to see the rise of extreme fossil fuel extraction, particularly attempts by oil companies to drill in the Arctic. Global warming melting ice may make the Arctic more accessible, but the local climate and remoteness still make it vastly more expensive. And, yet, the fact that industry is having to rely on more extreme and costly extraction methods is a sign their end is coming. The U.S. coal industry is investing in exports for their survival. People from Oregon and Washington aren’t so interested in turning their green states into a coal hub. Because we know that coal, oil and methane gas from anywhere sully the planet everywhere.

American leaders need to view both demand and supply of fossil fuels as a problem. We must abolish all support for dirty energy, whether used domestically or abroad. Legislation like the “End Polluter Welfare Act,” introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) is a good start. Obama banning public financing of coal-fired power plants abroad is another good step. We need much more action by our leaders.

The Energy [R]evolution shows that, with political leadership, by 2050 renewable energy sources could provide around 97 percent of electricity produced in the USA and 94 percent of our total heating and cooling demand, accounting for around 92 percent of our final energy demand. The E[R] blueprint would lead to about 1.5 million energy-related jobs, or 35 percent more than the government outlook, in 2030. The fuel cost savings in the scenario described reaches $6.1 trillion, or $153 billion per year, and overall costs would be about 50 percent lower than the current government outlook.

A day will come soon when the Republican party abandons its climate denier platform, and the president realizes her climate legacy rides on complete embrace of a clean energy economy – these two developments will undoubtedly be mutually reinforcing. In the meantime, other policymakers and citizens across the country can keep moving forward with the U.S. Energy (R)evolution.

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Rage Against The Machine’s song for the Godzilla soundtrack actually criticizes the movie. See what they said

Rage Against The Machine’s song for the Godzilla soundtrack actually criticizes the movie. See what they said

Rage Against The Machine is a famous American rap/rock band known for it’s politically charged lyrics. Their song lyrics and publicity stunts have been stirring up controversy since the band formed in 1991. Their most famous stunt was when band member and bassist, Tim Commerford, climbed the stage during a live taping of the MTV Video Music Awards in 2000 to destroy the stage.

One controversy that you may have missed was when Rage Against The Machine, or RATM, was asked to make a soundtrack song for the 1993 remake of the classic, Godzilla.

RATM wrote the song to show how the media shields the public’s eyes with non-important news stories to keep the public from knowing the bigger problems that may cause controversy. The song ‘No Shelter’ may have not been the best fit for the movie’s soundtrack because it criticizes the star and whole idea of the movie. A line from the lyrics read, "Godzilla, pure motherf***ing filler, get your eyes off the real killer."

hese lyrics are essentially saying that the only reason Godzilla even exists is because the media created him as filler so that they wouldn’t need to inform the public of the real issues going and would be able to manipulate them. This is not the message the movie creators were trying to convey, but they left the song in the movie’s soundtrack.


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Square Wallet Had Everything Going for It. And Now It’s Dead

It had all the ingredients of The Next Big Thing: a product genius billed as a spiritual heir to Steve Jobs. A radical way of performing an everyday task that leverages the latest wave in mobile hardware. A fun and intuitive design that even delivered a quirky human touch. But despite having every advantage, Square Wallet is over.

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Excuses Are Made Out Of Pure Laziness

Most of the time, excuses are made out of pure laziness. For people who are constantly making excuses…the negative energy it takes to do so could instead be used on getting things DONE! Great things come to those who work hard for it and that goes for everything in life. Opportunities will pass you by if you don’t take advantage of them. Simple as that. So next time you hear someone whining about why they aren’t where they want to be in life…ask them what they have done to get there.
Do you dare to excel? Do you not only dream but go after your dreams with a sword of ambition, and a shield of unrelenting hope? To make the best of this life we have to be willing to excel. We have to be willing to take ten steps when our opponents are only willing to take 5.

We must be willing to rise before practice completing our own practice routines before practicing with the team.

We must be willing to teach that kid that doesn’t grasp a lesson for an extra 15 minutes after every other student is long gone.

We must be willing to clean up the messes, pick ourselves up after the falls in our lives, and keep going.

There is no crime in being willing to excel, in fact the only crime is in a person being willing to be nothing more than mediocre!

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Deaf Woman Adopts Deaf Dog Who Knows Sign Language In Perfect Match

Love, they say, is in the eyes. In Rosie’s case, it also takes the form of a slobbery kiss from time to time.

Rosie, a deaf pit bull mix, has spent the last three months in the Central Nebraska Humane Society, hoping for a new owner. In a sign that some things are just meant to be, Rosie was recently adopted by Cindy Koch — a woman who also happens to be deaf.

When Rosie first arrived at the shelter, workers couldn’t figure out why she wouldn’t respond to them, reports Central Nebraska News. That’s when shelter volunteer, Tracie Pfeifle, realized Rosie couldn’t hear them, and set out to teach the 3-year-old dog sign language.

Story continues below.

“[Rosie] was pretty scared at first. I don’t think she had a good first four years of her life,” Pfeifle recalled in an interview with New York Daily News. But after learning a few signs, including a thumbs-up for “good girl,” Pfeifle says the dog transformed into a totally different animal.

“It was just amazing to watch her just blossom into a dog, I don’t think she knew how to be a dog,” Pfeifle added to KCTV5.

Despite Rosie’s progress, however, she still needed a new owner. That came in the form of Koch who has always wanted a deaf dog.

Why? “Because I’m deaf and we want to relate to her, and understand how she feels — want to communicate with her through signing, teach her signing,” Koch explained to KCTV5, as Rosie snuggled in her lap.

Judging by the glances exchanged by Rosie and her new owner, the two are going to be best buds for a long time to come.

Watch the story, above, and more on Rosie’s training, below:

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Michael Jackson to Get SiriusXM Channel Focusing on Solo Career

Michael Jackson’s new posthumous album Xscape is set to drop Tuesday May 13th and to celebrate the occasion (and honor the King of Pop’s immeasurable musical legacy) SiriusXM is launching The Michael Jackson Channel an exclusive limited-run station focused on music from Jackson’s iconic solo career – from his breakout 1979…

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