Pomeranian Pooch Protests Haircut By Standing On Hind Legs, Looking Pissed

This is a dog that has been pushed too far, and has nothing left to lose.

A Pomeranian pup in China named Jin Dan was apparently so upset about getting a shave that he protested by standing on his hind legs for nearly two days, according to Rocket News 24. We assume he had that terrifyingly adorable expression of malice the entire time.

Jin Dan eventually came down on all fours, apparently resigned to his fate. As Rocket News and Gawker both pointed out, it’s entirely possible that the story is made up, and the owner simply trained the dog to stand on its hind legs. Even so, theres no denying that this is the cutest/creepiest pooch ever.


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Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson Collaboration in the Works

Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson will likely appear on an upcoming track together Epic Records chief Antonio “LA” Reid said during an interview with Access Hollywood as Billboard reports LA Reid Explains Why Michael Jackson Is One of Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Artists A track featuring the two stars titled “Slave 2 the…

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The Birds of Satan Descend on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

The Birds of Satan the new side project of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins made their network TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night ripping through two tracks off their self-titled debut You can check out the biting “Thanks for the Line” above which finds Hawkins pounding on his drum…

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Cellular Compound May Extend Lifespan Without Need For Strict Dieting

Every day, our cells manufacture small amounts of a molecule that, in higher doses, might be the key to leading a longer, healthier life. A team of researchers has found that this molecule boosts the lifespan of worms by more than 50%, raising the possibility that it will increase human longevity.

“I think the data are really convincing,” says molecular geneticist William Mair of the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston. “They have a very strong lifespan effect using this [compound].”

The route to a long life doesn’t lead through the kitchen. Researchers have known for decades that when animals eat dramatically less—undergoing what’s known as calorie restriction or dietary restriction—they live longer and delay or avoid age-related problems like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. But if you’re planning to try this at home, there are a few catches. For one thing, scientists haven’t confirmed the benefits of calorie restriction for primates, including humans. Although eating less does help monkeys age gracefully, it’s unclear whether calorie restriction increases their lifespan. And surviving on far fewer calories is no picnic. “The problem is that requirement is so stringent that almost nobody can make it,” says Jing Huang of the University of California, Los Angeles.

As a result, researchers have been testing alternative ways to slow aging and lengthen life, such as the grape extract resveratrol and the immune-suppressing drug rapamycin. Although both have shown promise in experimental animals—rapamycin increases the longevity of middle-aged mice—they’ve also shown drawbacks. Rapamycin, for example, meddles with sugar metabolism and may lead to diabetes. Huang and her colleagues deduced that because aging depends on metabolism, compounds produced in cells by metabolic reactions—known as metabolites—might also boost lifespan.

The researchers tested their idea on nematodes, millimeter-long worms commonly used in longevity studies. They hit the jackpot with the first molecule they tried, α-ketoglutarate (α-KG), an intermediate in a metabolic cycle that helps a cell extract energy from food. When the researchers added the compound to the worms’ culture dishes, the animals survived up to 70% longer than normal, the team reports online today in Nature. The animals carried about 50% more α-KG in their cells than did control worms. Like calorie restriction, the extra α-KG postponed the worms’ physical deterioration.

To figure out how α-KG works, Huang and colleagues used a technique they developed that identifies the proteins in human cells that α-KG interacts with. The results showed that the compound attaches to ATP synthase, an enzyme that makes ATP, the cell’s main energy-carrying molecule. ATP synthase resides in the energy-producing structures called mitochondria. By studying the mitochondria from cow heart cells, the researchers found that α-KG blocks ATP synthase, thus turning down the cell’s metabolism.

When the researchers further traced the cellular effects of α-KG, they discovered that it indirectly inhibits a protein called TOR that gauges nutrient supplies and, scientists suspect, helps determine how fast we grow old. Alpha-KG “may be an internal fountain of youth, if you will, that may be regulated to counteract aging,” Huang says. Calorie restriction causes side effects in animals such as reduced reproduction, but the researchers didn’t see those downsides in the worms that ate α-KG.

Mitochondrial biochemist Michael Ristow of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich says that the molecular mechanism for this effect took him by surprise. He notes that other studies have shown that calorie restriction boosts ATP synthesis by making mitochondria more efficient, so you’d predict that α-KG would do the same. “That’s what makes it interesting,” he says. “It’s unexpected.”

Dietary supplements that contain α-KG and allegedly build muscle are already on the market. The study drops a barbell on their use, however, by suggesting that α-KG inhibits TOR, thus thwarting muscle growth. “If people are taking this as a muscle builder, you would think it doesn’t cause the desired effect,” Mair says.

There’s no guarantee that α-KG will have the same effects on aging in people as it has in worms. And before researchers can even address that issue, they’ll have to figure out if the compound also extends the lives of laboratory organisms such as flies and mice. Nonetheless, Mair says, researchers have long hoped to identify small molecules that slow human aging, and the study “is the next step toward that goal.”

Original article:

from Green – The Huffington Post http://ift.tt/1ltKJiv

Courtney Love Revisits ‘Pacific Coast Highway’ Acoustically – Premiere

In a moment of reflection Courtney Love has stripped the song “Pacific Coast Highway” down to its bare essentials – an acoustic guitar and Love  Although the original track which she co-wrote with Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan for Hole’s 2010 album Nobody’s Daughter features piano and frenetic electric guitar the…

from RollingStone.com: All News http://ift.tt/1lDl9dM
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Baby Elephant Saved By Herd After Getting Caught In River (VIDEO)

In this incredible footage, captured by Kicheche Laikipia with Sandy Gelderman on a safari in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, a herd of elephants is spotted crossing the rushing Ewaso Nyiro river. The strong adults are able to power through the current, but a little calf endured a serious struggle.

“With the river deep, mountain high banks are never easy for adults, let alone a six-month-old calf, so being washed away in the current was a very real possibility,” says Kicheche in the video description.

Fortunately for the baby, the herd was keeping close watch.

When things started to go wrong, a larger elephant came to the rescue to help push the calf toward the shore. Soon after, another elephant, identified as the mother, noticed the distressed calf and swooped in to lend a helping trunk as well.

The rescue is full of suspense, but luckily has a happy ending. It shows just how powerful family bonds are in the animal kingdom, and especially among elephants.

from Green – The Huffington Post http://ift.tt/1ltG1kX

How Indie Director Gareth Edwards Built a Better Godzilla

Godzilla is one of the movies’ most famous monsters but his filmography is spotty He debuted strong with the shell-shocked 1954 Japanese film Gojira but since then he’s had to battle goofy adversaries (Mothra Gigan Mechagodzilla) in countless campy Japanese sequels and get shot to pieces on the Brooklyn Bridge…

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See Linkin Park Talk About Return to Heavier Sound on ‘Hunting Party’

When Linkin Park were working on “Guilty All the Same” – the lead single off their sixth full-length The Hunting Party due out June 17th – they hit a wall They had written the song’s bridge to accommodate a rap but the group’s multi-instrumentalist and rapper Mike Shinoda felt his…

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Chart Watch: ‘Now 50’ Disrupts ‘Frozen’ Number One Streak

Track sales — down 12 percent Album sales — down 16 percent Let’s do this APOLOGIES FOR PUTTING “LET IT GO” INTO YOUR HEAD ANOTHER WEEK Finally I have something else to write about now that Frozen is no longer Number One after 13 long nonconsecutive weeks The Soundtrack Permanently Wedged Into the…

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Stevie Nicks Watched YouTube Videos of Herself for New Album

Many artists lament the fact that YouTube is filled with bootlegs of their unreleased music but for Stevie Nicks  this proved to be a tremendous gift Her entire upcoming album – tentatively titled 24 Karat Gold Songs From The Vault – consists of newly recorded versions of obscurities she found…

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