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IDG Contributor Network: By 2020, we’ll be using Windows in the cloud

One of the interesting launches this month was the Blade Shadow PC.  This offering out of France seems to provide the best current view of the likely future for desktop computing.  It isn’t yet the present for most of us and I’ll get to that, but it showcases what could be done in the cloud albeit with some impressive heavy lifting. 

Let’s talk about why we are moving to a cloud based personal computer model, what the Blade Shadow PC (kind of a cool name) currently provides, and where it falls short this week. 

The drive for cloud PCs

The issues we all have to currently deal with are hardware migration (when you have to move from an old PC to a new one), software patching and updates, and adequate security in a world where threats are advancing faster than security software.  With the current model you own all of this and it is not only annoying it is dangerous.  The danger comes from the fact even companies are having trouble keeping up with new security exposures, those of us that work from home are mostly praying we aren’t targeted. 

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